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Find here the questions most fresuently asked

I have forgotten my password, how do i change it ?
You can change your password by using the procedure for a forgotten password :

  1. Click on the next link : Forgotten password
  2. Follow the procedure

How to manage your notifications ?
To manage your notifications (exemple : reception of an email after reception of a new message), go to the page : My account

After having added my photo, why isn't it visible on the website ?

  • Your photo must be validated by the administrative team before it can be viewed by other members..

which format must be respected for a profile photo?

  • The photo must be under the format jpg/jpeg.
  • The photo must be bigger than 300 x 300.

Which rules must I follow for my profile photo ?

  • I am the person on the photo and I am alone on it.
  • I have the rights to this photo
  • My face is visible on the photo.
  • The photo does not have any nudity
  • The photo isn't sexual, exhibitionnist, indecent or obscene.
  • The photo isn't vulgar, provocative or sensual.
  • The photo isn't upside down or on its side.
  • The photo does not portray any weapons, violence, abuse or exploitation.
  • The photo does not contain any text.
  • The photo doesn't contain any decorations.
  • The photo is not pixelised (enlargement of a smaller photo).
  • The photo does not contain any outlines.

how to delete my account ?
To delete your account, go to the page : My account, follow the instructions in the section "Delete my account".

Delete the account
Overview of the section "Delete my account"