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Complete your profile entirely

The more your profile is complete the more chance you will have of your increasing your matches

  • #1 Profile picture : A user with a picture has more chance (80%) of being contacted.
  • #2 The title and the description : After the photo, comes the visible information in the search so differentiate yourself from others ! Describe yourself simply, avoid spelling mistakes to be taken seriously, it is a positive aspect not to be forgotten.
  • #3 Other information : Other information is research criterias, filling in this information is useful for and avoiding nastysurprises, such as peaple allergic to smokers !

Interaction between users

To meet someone you must first chat !

  • # Don't be passive : Don't wait for the other person to make the first move ! The more people you conatct, the more chance you'll have of meeting someone special. Connect to the website regularly (it will move to the top of the list).
  • #5 Use the béguins : Use the béguin system to reveal yourself if you are a bit shy ! Conversely, reply to users who have the béguin for you, they may be a bit shy !
  • #6 Be courteous : Reply to all messages you receive, even if the person who contacted you doesn't appeal to you, out of politeness, let them know.
  • #7 Don't be to demanding : On dating websites people have a tendency to search for their ideal partner


fake profiles and alerts.

  • #8 Watch out for fake profiles : The most frequent scams on dating websites come from fake profiles most often originating Ivory Coast networks. These scammers create false profiles in order to seduce you and abuse you to extract money any way possible. Some people manage to avoid detection fom the administrative team so be vigilant.
  • #9 Here, you are not at risk : You are not at risk by staying on the website, if you chat with a scammer, he will end up being caught. However if you decide to follow a person on Skype, Facebook or by email, you are on your own...
  • #10 Alert us ! : The éhuin is free and will stay that way, a very small team is behind it. Help them by Alerting them to any suspicious members.