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Conditions générales d'utilisation

Terms and conditions of use

En vous inscrivant sur le-beguin.com, vous confirmez avoir lu et accepté tous les termes et conditions ci-dessous. Si vous n'êtes pas en accord avec l'une de ces règles, vous vous engagez à n'utiliser ou visiter ce site en aucune façons. Quel que ce soit l'utilisateur ne respectant pas l'une ou l'autre de ces règles perdra la possibilité de publier des messages aux autres utilisateurs ou se faire bannir de le-beguin.com sans préavis. En utilisant nos services, vous êtes en accord avec le fait que le-beguin.com ne pourra pas être tenu responsable si un utilisateur ne respecte pas les Conditions Générales d'Utilisation. Vous renoncez également à réclamer quoi que soit de la part du site le-beguin.com et de ses administrateurs, hormis signaler des dysfonctionnements ou signaler un membre potentiellement en non-accord avec les CGU. En vous inscrivant sur ce site, vous affirmez avoir 18 ans ou plus. le-beguin.com se réserve le droit de renvoyer un utilisateur s'il est soupçonné de ne pas avoir l'âge minimum requis ou après avoir manqué à tout autre terme des CGU.

Eventuellement modifiables, nous vous invitons donc à consulter nos CGU le plus souvent possible, de manière à en prendre connaissance fréquemment.


All scams and violation of these conditions will result in a definite ban, without warning.

The user's profile

Your profile is the showcase that will allow you to meet people, find your soulmate, find new friendships, find partners for activities, share your passions and chat unlimitedly. Anything that doesn't fit this could be denied and lead to the deletion of your profile. By creating your profile, you agree with what follows :

Users' personnal information

You agree to the collection and transfer of your personnal data, to it's storage and use by le-beguin.com. You also agree to receiving prootionnel offers by le-beguin.com.

User's photos

By publishing a photo on the website le-beguin.com, you declare agreeing to what follows :

Furthermore, le-beguin.com retains the right to delete, without notice, any photo which seems inappropriate.

Conduct rules to be followed

Cost of the service

le-beguin.com is a website whose use is completely free, you will not be asked to pay for any service at any time. if someone were to ask you for money in the name of le-beguin.com you must alert us immediately.

Users responsability

Members and visitors of this website are responsable for the messages they send, the contents of their profile, the photos they publish or any information they decide to share on the website or elsewhere. Members are also responsable for denouncing and moderating any act noncompliant with the terms and conditions of this website. le-beguin.com will not be held accountable for messages, photos or acts from members or visitors on the website or elsewhere. Therefore, you renounce to claiming anything from the website le-beguin.com and its administrators.


le-beguin.com offers no guarantees in the service provided. We do not guarantee that the website will be functional and accessible at all times. le-beguin.com does not guarantee that the service will always be functional, that it will not contain a computing glitch, that there won't be a server failure, a network failure, a downturn, problems with inboxes, or any other problem independant of its will. le-beguin.com will not be held accountable if the site becomes out of order, if the data is lost, if private messages are lost, or if a member leaves the website or their account is deleted for whatever reason. le-beguin.com does not guarantee that this website will allow anyone to meet someone, to find love or develop a friendship because this depends entirely on the user. le-beguin.com cannot guarantee that messages sent to the moderators or administrators will be read and that an answer will be sent to the user. le-beguin.com cannot guarantee that the terms and conditions of this website will be respected by all users and visitors.

Account deletion

le-beguin.com is a completely free website. The use of the website le-beguin.com is not a given right, but a privelege. The non-compliance to any rule could lead to the definte deletion of your account. le-beguin.com reserves the right to delete an account for any reason not mentionned in these terms and conditions. le-beguin.com also reserves the right to delete an account without warning, nor justification. le-beguin.com reserves the right to ignore all demands to reactivate an account. Any user who protests against the deletion of a member could also see their account deleted from the website. Whether you are deleted or not, you agree with the fact that you will not be able to recuperate your private messages or the messages posted on the forum. le-beguin.com reserves the right to delete or not messages from a user who has been deleted or not. Whether your account has been deleted or not, you renounce to claim anything from the website le-beguin.com and its administrators.

le-beguin.com automatically deletes accounts wich fall under the following criteria :


By using or visiting le-beguin.com you declare being in agreement with the fact that it is possible for everyone to publish its contents. Considering the fact that a feed of messages and photos are published on the website, le-beguin.com cannot filter and control all the content before it is posted. Consequently, le-beguin.com can't guarantee that all cybernauts will respect the terms and conditions of the website. To ensure that users of the website respect the terms and conditions, you agree that it is your responsability to alert us to any users not respecting the terms and conditions. Under every photo, profile, message, there is a link . If you notice that a member isn't respecting one of the rules listed in the terms and conditions, you agree to using these links to denounce them. After alerts have been made, the user will be moderated by our teams.

Terms and conditions of use alteration

le-beguin.com can, without notice, change the terms and condition if it is necessary. In this case, you will be informed of this by email or in information category on le-beguin.com. Following this, if you choose to continue using our services you are automatically agreeing with the changes made to the terms and conditions. If you don't agree with the changes, you must stop using and visiting le-beguin.com immediately.